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battery test / Repair

We are repairing existing batteries. After battery checks, we can replace or rebuild a battery using the same type and brand of cells.


Custom-built battery

Do you want to build your own E-bike ?
High power E-bike that gives you endless off-road fun ?
We can help you build a battery that you need, just send us dimensions and we can tell you what we can do for you. You will learn about battery voltage, capacity and the maximum avaliable discharge current for safe useage and extending the battery lifetime.

Battery spot welding

If you want to build your own battery and don't want to buy expensive equipment to spot weld it? Just send us a message and we can do it for you just like you wish.
We are charging from only 10p per cell.


DMC power Production Process

First-Rate Materials

Truly Remarkable

Superior Quality Control

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Long life-time

Only the Best designed battery may last longer than your bike


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